Chado in English

For Foreigners living in/nearby Kyoto

Chado/Chanoyu (Japanese traditional tea ceremony) lessons for beginners with supports in English, in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.

For whom live in/nearby Kyoto for business and study, how about trying Chado?

We welcome you with seasonal Japanese sweets and aromatic green tea.

Taught by Urasenke Chado Lecturer

Kazuko Yokoyama

Born in 1961 Lives in Kyoto

Urasenke Chado Lecturer
Kimono Total Consultant

The lessons provided by Kazuko Yokoyama, supported by an English speaking staff with experience of Chado.

Start with 1day Lesson

Our lesson starts with 1-day lesson (about 1h30m) to show you the very beginning tips of tea ceremony, which include, but not limited to, the spirit of providing "Omotenashi" and receiving it.

Please contact us for the lesson schedule.


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